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Pho in London

After four nights in London, we decided to visit Chinatown and have a bowl of our favorite Vietnamese food, Pho! I wish I can give you a sample so that you can understand how delicious it was. If you are in London, I recommend that you stop by for a bowl of Pho in Chinatown!


Garlic Beef Pho
Lemonade (freshly made) & Lemon and water


Sharing Meat Platter; Cha la lot, Pork spring roll, Spare ribs & salad
Garlic Beef Pho (Above) and Chicken Breast Pho (Below)
Chinatown London, United Kingdom
Green Tea and Vanilla Taiyaki ice cream for dessert
Followed by a beautiful walk throughout the rest of the town.


Deyla is from The Bronx, she has a gift in inspiring people like you from across the world. I hoped you enjoy the post! Lets connect, I'd love to hear from you!

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