The Blogger Social – Uniting Innovators
The first Blogger Social in The Bronx, is finally here. I have partnered up with The Bronx Museum of the Arts, The XM Cafe and BORNjuice we for an event named “The Blogger Social”. This… View Full Post View Post

Date Night
  Date Night by bloggerfromthebronx featuring a leather chain wallet Emilia Wickstead evening jumpsuit Christian Louboutin pointed-toe pumps Yves Saint Laurent leather chain wallet Bib statement necklace $14 – CZ by Kenneth Jay… View Full Post View Post

Fuel Foods that are currently in Season
Here is a list of Foods that are currently in season. Right now we are currently in Winter, so these are the foods that are in season. This is your guide to fresh and natural… View Full Post View Post

Travel on my Brothers and Sisters
✨ Here is an Afro Latina Woman who enjoys to travel. She uncovered this passion as a college student as she studied British Literature in the United Kingdom. During her studies, she was able to… View Full Post View Post

You Matter
Pick up your head. ✨ You are worthy. Your voice matters. You make a difference. You are needed. Your presence makes a difference. Your light shines through darkness. You are important. Your smile illuminates any… View Full Post View Post