xm cafe1The XM Cafe is a gem hidden inside of The Bronx Museum of the Arts.

The museum has partnered up with Fountain House to bring the XM Cafe to the community to unite local leaders and creatives; by providing a place to work.

xm cafe2

As soon as you walk in through the main entrance of the museum, you will see the XM cafe. This is a great place to host your next business meeting, work on a project, grab coffee or just enjoy some lunch on a Beautiful afternoon.

The menu consists of delicious goods such as pastries, salads and sandwiches from the one and only Arthur Ave Deli. If you have not tried their sandwiches yet, you must try it! They’re sooooo good. And instead of going all the way to Arthur Ave, you can visit the XM Cafe to grab a bite. Click here to take a look at the full menu.

Besides the food, this is a great resource that is in our community for us to use.

xm cafexm cafe6

Check out the exhibitions that are currently open at the museum and grab some lunch at the XM cafe to conclude your trip.




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Two words to describe him; meek and skillful. If you don’t know by now, his name is  Jose Dejesus and he goes by Trill Cooker. Jose grew up in The Bronx and collected his experience as a chef in Manhattan. With a remarkable career as a chef and pure determination, Jose stands as a proficient chef in New York City.

Besides a chef, Jose is also a successful entrepreneur. He founded “Breaking Bread”, where he hosts pop up dinners in different parts of The Bronx. What makes this interesting, is that the dinner is a secret; so you will not know what’s for dinner until you arrive to the designated location.  If you have a specific diet and/or food restrictions, before purchasing your ticket you are asked about those restrictions. At the time when I attended one of his pop up dinners, I was strictly pescatarian and I was well taken care of. So no worries! Please note that everything was freshly made and prepared at the counter.

Anyways, here are some photos that highlights my experience at the pop up dinner.



Want to know when is the next pop up dinner? Visit this website.

To see what Trill Cooker is currently up to, follow his Instagram page.




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Because, Waffles and weekends are great friends!

I had the pleasure to visit NY Bagel Cafe & Deli for on a Sunday morning for breakfast. Though I wanted to try everything on the menu, initially I went with a waffle and kept it simple; which was pretty good. Besides this waffle, their breakfast menu contains of other options such as chicken & waffle, pancakes and hearty breakfast platters.

Over all I had a great experience as a first time customer and I will be back!  Great service, comfy place and yummy food options on the menu. I give it a thumbs up!




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The Bronx has its very own salad. It’s called “The Bronx Salad”. This salad consists of a lot of yummy goods such as red peppers, red onions, black beans, corn, tomatoes, mangoes, cilantro, avocado, plantain chips with a delicious dressing made from scratch. Full of flavor and I must admit that this salad is very filling.

This salad has been around since 2016 and it has been a successful hit thus far. The institute for family health says that this salad “Made with simple, fresh ingredients, the dressing includes the famous Bronx Greenmarket Hot Sauce, created by acclaimed Chef King Phojanakong, using peppers grown at more than 40 Bronx greenmarket farms and community gardens.” This is great! I feel much better eating this salad, knowing that the ingredients are locally grown.

You can purchase this salad from the places below:

  1. Bronx Tavern 
  2. Da Boogiedown Caffe 
  3. Fine Fare Supermarket  (East 149th Street Location)
  4. Mottley Kitchen 
  5. NY Bagel Cafe & Deli (Bruckner Blvd Location) 
  6. Porto Salvo 
  7. XM Cafe at the Bronx Museum 


The Bronx Salad is absolutely delicious. You have to give it a try, I promise you wont regret it.

Happy Eating, 


On Saturday March 3rd 2018, The Bronx birthed its first networking space for Bronx Innovators. This event was created with the intention of bringing Bronx Bloggers in one space. This event turned out better than what I had originally expected. I had such a good time meeting a list of Bronx professionals that share the love for their home (The Boogie down Bronx.) As Blogger Tess had mentioned in her blog, the people of The Bronx are hungry and there is something percolating here in our borough.

This is a small taste of what The Bronx can do. This is what happens when you put a whole bunch of Bronx Innovators in one room. The energy was absolutely amazing. I started off with a small idea of inviting 30 Innovators for a forum and then it escalated to 250 Innovators in one room, real quick. To see everyone connecting and building together as brothers and sisters, was truly beautiful. We must fight for what we love, which is our home; The Bronx!! This is just the beginning, there is more! If you missed this one, no worries! My team and I are coming back stronger for the next one. Bronx Strong for lifeeeee.

Bronxnet Recap of the event:

Open Interview with Daren Jaime before the event:


My partners: Ayesha (Event Organizer) and Henry (Founder of BORNjuice)

Click here and here for more pictures from the event.

Check out these Bronx Bloggers who recapped the event in their Blogs:

Alex Rivera (The Bronxer) Vlog on the event:

Instagram: TheBronxer

Youtube Channel: The Bronxer


What’s next?

  • I am currently planning another Blogger Social for the Summer of 2018! My team and I are super excited for the next one. Stay tuned for the upcoming dates and information. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to stay updated with more.


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