A Delicious Mexican Cuisine
Looking to enjoy an authentic Mexican dish? Here is where you should visit. Habanero Mexican Cuisine is a family owned restaurant that emphasizes the importance of serving authentic Mexican food. Here you will come across… View Full Post View Post

Fish Tacos for Taco Tuesday
Am I the only one that orders fish tacos for Taco Tuesdays? It is so much more satisfying than the other tacos, according to my taste buds. I had lunch at Charlies Bar & Kitchen… View Full Post View Post

From the Bronx to Harvard University – Netflix Show; Taking Up Space
Taking up space is a Netflix show that sheds light on the lives of African Americans that push through wherever they go despite of the lack of diversity This show opens up the conversation of… View Full Post View Post

My favorite sushi restaurant
Did someone say sushi? I love sushi. My love for sushi was developed during my college years. I remember thinking that my friend was out of her mind when she had sushi for lunch at… View Full Post View Post

The XM Cafe
The XM Cafe is a gem hidden inside of The Bronx Museum of the Arts. The museum has partnered up with Fountain House to bring the XM Cafe to the community to unite local leaders and creatives;… View Full Post View Post