Snake Eyes
Even Eve got caught up by the serpent With his cunning speech and smile, genuine and subtle intellect making her motionless under emotions, to subdue his prey, making her easier to swallow as he coils… View Full Post View Post

Prince of peace Troubles cease When you are around Jesus loves me Lost myself But in him I was found Satan crept As I slept Thought he had me bound Jesus loves me this I… View Full Post View Post

My Summer Highlights 2018
Today is the last day of Summer and I am content on how it went for me. This Summer was an unusual Summer for me due to three reasons. 1.My Baptism Anniversary  Last year I… View Full Post View Post

Book Review: The Audacity To Finish by Laura Eustache Zamor
Grace-filled, Worthy & Bold Here is a book review about Laura Eustache Zamor, a Haitian American Author from New York City with a true gift in writing. She is currently on a mission to impact lives… View Full Post View Post

The power of prayer
 You may know this, but there is power in prayer. In other words, there is power in talking to God. Talking to God, is defined as praying. Whether you hold your hands together or sit… View Full Post View Post