It is the beginning of the year and most people are focused on getting in shape. here are some tips that has been highly effective throughout my journey. Fitness2

  • Make a list
    • Write down why you have made the decision to get fit. Is it for better sleep? or for a boost in happiness? Whatever it is, put it on paper. Once you’re done, hang it up in your home.
  • Create a fitness vision board
    • This works wonders! Surf the web for inspirational quotes and images. If you have a Pinterest account, surf Pinterest for more ideas and inspiration. Print them out and put a board together. Be sure to include things that honestly inspire and motivate you. Once you have put it together, post your board somewhere in your home that you can see it everyday. This way, you will have a visual constant reminder of your fitness goals. When you are feeling down and uninspired, read the quotes out loud.
  • Drink infused water
    • It is no secret that a healthy diet consists of loads of water so why not make it fun? Plain water can be boring so what you can do is add your favorite fruits to your water. This makes it really pretty and really tasty all at once.


  • Research
    • There are many articles, blogs, info graphics, books, documentaries and even podcasts based on healthy eating and living. When people ask me specific questions about my vegetarian lifestyle, I always start of by explaining the importance of research. It is essential for you to dig up your own information, for your own understanding as opposed to going off of what people say. Do your homework and then draw your own conclusions. For starters, go on YouTube or Netflix and then work your way into books and articles.
  • Take small steps
    • Small changes enable big changes. Set realistic goals and start off very very small. Many people skip this step and head straight to the failing route. When you are scheduling your next workout, try to workout for 30 minutes as opposed to working out for 2 hours. If you are typically inactive and this is all new to you, allow your mind and body to warm up to this change and go easy on yourself. Do this and you will go far.
  • Download an app to help you
    • Use your smartphone to your advantage by downloading an app to help you reach your fitness goal. I have tried a few and what works best for me is Myfitness Pal. This app allows you to submit your desired weight goal and helps you achieve it by holding you accountable according to what you are eating. One thing that I like about this app is that it gives you an estimated date on when you will reach your goals according to what you eat and how much you weight. However, in order for this app to be effective you have to be consistent with logging your food and weight.

Well, that sums it all up guys. I hope that you found these tips to be applicable to your fitness journey!

What are your fitness goals for this year?

Much love,


Hey you guys! May was such a busy month! What were some of your highlights from May? (Comment and share below)

Looking back, May was so much fun for me and here’s why:

  • Fitness goal accomplished

As a follow up to my April goal, this month I mastered my goal of running for a minimum of at least twenty minutes, three days a week. Yippie!! I have dropped five pounds just by running a few times a week. My favorite part of this small workout, is that its just twenty minutes and its completely free! On top of that, you feel so much better and stronger after every single run.

  • Read 4 great books

This month I read four amazing books. One book for self development, another book for inspiration and two fun non fiction books! I loved each one, but if I had to choose which one I enjoyed the most it’ll be “The Happiness Project”. This book can be a hit or miss, depending on the reader. However, reading this book has taught me so much about myself and my future goals. Nonetheless, all books are amazing in their own ways.

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

Thicker than water by Takerra Allen

Still Thicker Than Water by Takerra Allen

A cup of comfort for inspiration by Colleen Sell

  • Tried four new yummy recipes!

I’m not too sure about ya’ll but I love good food. Before I enjoyed the idea of paying for a home cooked meal until I took a cooking class in Italy and realized that I can make anything that I want to in my own kitchen! I also love food network and recipe books. By keeping a list of recipes that I want to try, here’s what I scratched off for this month.

Alfredo Sauce

Jamaican yellow cornmeal porridge

Shrimp Rasta Pasta (my new fav recipe)

Jerk Chicken

Cheers, to a great month!

Thank you for stopping by.

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I enjoy this park because the track and field is honored after a remarkable man, Joseph Yancey. Originally from Harlem, he was known as a star athlete who trained many athletes across the country. Yancey dedicated most of his time to train and develop other athletes. However, the same dedication led Joseph to create his own track club (New York Pioneers Track and Field). A track club that was one of the few places that minority athletes were able to train.

Honoring Joseph Yancey, the city named the track and field within Macombs Dam Park after him.

Macombs Dam Park includes of:

  • Track field
  • Soccer field
  • Football field
  • Tennis court
  • Basketball courts
  • Calisthenic workout section
  • Children’s playground
  • Plenty of benches around the park

Personally, I love coming here on a sunny afternoon for a walk around the track field. All you need is music and comfortable sneakers! Aim for at least 6 laps of walking, stretch before and after.

The park is easily accessible as it is located across the street from Yankee Stadium, come on down for a workout, picnic, or even a kids play date!

For more information about the Joseph Yancey Park, please click here.

Check out the Facebook page for updates on events and much more.