How to be more Creative
Imagine this; As you lay down on the grass with your eyes looking up, seeing the blue and white clouds as they move left and right in an indecisive order. You begin to make images… View Full Post View Post

No it’s not stress, it’s stretch
You are so precious in my eyes, you have no idea. Let me break that down for you; You are of great value and you should not be wasted or treated carelessly. I bought you… View Full Post View Post

Afrocentric Greeting Cards
  Hey, lovely people! This is the season where we celebrate any and everything because it is Summer and because of the fact that we need a reason to be outside under the sun with… View Full Post View Post

Tips on how to de-stress and relax
Hey everyone, I discern that this is a busy season for many people. Whether you are a college student looking for a summer opportunity, a recent high school grad preparing for school in the fall,… View Full Post View Post

SOAR like an Eagle
Flap your wings and SOAR! You are not designed to stay in a nest. You are created to STEP OUT of the nest and fly. It is impossible to soar without flapping. Flapping allows you… View Full Post View Post