You are Beautiful
You feel like no one sees you. You are kind to those around you. You are not after the paycheck but after the cause. You genuinely compliment strangers. You are willing to draw a smile… View Full Post View Post

No it’s not stress, it’s stretch
You are so precious in my eyes, you have no idea. Let me break that down for you; You are of great value and you should not be wasted or treated carelessly. I bought you… View Full Post View Post

Believe and release. The moment you begin to activate your belief muscle, you automatically begin to release things. Things that are holding you back from being completely free. Things that make you feel like there… View Full Post View Post

SOAR like an Eagle
Flap your wings and SOAR! You are not designed to stay in a nest. You are created to STEP OUT of the nest and fly. It is impossible to soar without flapping. Flapping allows you… View Full Post View Post

You Matter
Pick up your head. ✨ You are worthy. Your voice matters. You make a difference. You are needed. Your presence makes a difference. Your light shines through darkness. You are important. Your smile illuminates any… View Full Post View Post