5 Signs that you’re not taking care of yourself
You have not been taking care of yourself and it shows. I am sorry, sis. But it smells like you have not been practicing self care. And that is a big, no no! When was… View Full Post View Post

Stop comparing yourself
You are beautiful You are different You are YOU!!! People today tend to compare themselves to others because they want to be them or even possess what they have. We all have role models but… View Full Post View Post

24 things that make me happy
Hey, everyone! Within twenty-four years, here is one list with twenty four things that truly makes me happy. Enjoy! Jesus Green Tea Oreo Cookies Singing Dollar Tree Bubble Tea Frozen Yogurt Girls night Boarding on… View Full Post View Post

How to be more Creative
Imagine this; As you lay down on the grass with your eyes looking up, seeing the blue and white clouds as they move left and right in an indecisive order. You begin to make images… View Full Post View Post

Believe and release. The moment you begin to activate your belief muscle, you automatically begin to release things. Things that are holding you back from being completely free. Things that make you feel like there… View Full Post View Post