Believe and release. The moment you begin to activate your belief muscle, you automatically begin to release things. Things that are holding you back from being completely free. Things that make you feel like there is no hope and that it is impossible to move forward. Things that have been toxically glued to you since your childhood. Things that can’t accept your success. Things that turn your smile upside down. Things that you make excuses for over and over again. And if you can’t relate to this, replace the word things with the word people and you will see that you are not too far off from this statement.

See, something happens when you begin to believe. These things or people will begin to slowly step back because for the first time you have decided to stand firm in what you believe in. Your belief can be in anything; whether it is in God himself, happiness, peace, chocolate cake or coupons. It reminds me of the saying, if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. You see, small things such as this can make a huge difference in our days before us. So I encourage you to believe and release anything that is holding you back from being free. 




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Hello beautiful! How are you today? 💕


Above everything there is one thing that I am truly looking forward to in this new year. And that is growth. Growth in ALL areas of my life. I respect the fact that there is always room for growth and so I welcome it with an open door. Though I am fully aware that growth is filled with endurance, I know that it is all going to work out for my good. It may seem like I am stressed out but in reality I am being stretched out. Besides, God would not give me anything that I can not handle. I may have to cry or yell but one thing that is for sure is that I am going to fight my way through it all. I can handle it and if I can do it, so can you! Stand in agreement with growth. Growth, you are welcome here.


Much love,