Stop comparing yourself
You are beautiful You are different You are YOU!!! People today tend to compare themselves to others because they want to be them or even possess what they have. We all have role models but… View Full Post View Post

Be Willing
Be willing. Commit to loving yourself no matter what. Forgive yourself for your mistakes, because we are not made to be perfect. Commit to being yourself, because everyone else is taken. You were made different… View Full Post View Post

Believe and release. The moment you begin to activate your belief muscle, you automatically begin to release things. Things that are holding you back from being completely free. Things that make you feel like there… View Full Post View Post

5 important things to remember in order to be the best “you” you can be
Within my twenty three years of living, I have learned a few things here and there. These are things that I lived and experienced for myself. Its okay to fail and make mistakes  I grew… View Full Post View Post