Prince of peace Troubles cease When you are around Jesus loves me Lost myself But in him I was found Satan crept As I slept Thought he had me bound Jesus loves me this I… View Full Post View Post

Volunteer Blues
  Rage tastes like salty sweat on my lips, I can not wipe away, chemicals on my hand Rage sounds like 4th of July fireworks on land that is not free the irony of red,… View Full Post View Post

Dollar Tree Finds
Sometimes it is so easy to overlook discounted stores such as Dollar Tree, based on the assumption that we wont find things of quality. I am guilty of thinking like this in the past! And… View Full Post View Post

How to Beat Procrastination
It’s 9 p.m. and the idea of an essay of 10 paragraphs that was assigned two months ago pops back into your head. . . and it’s due tonight. Admit it, we’ve all been there.… View Full Post View Post

10 things to pack for your next Vacation
Have you ever experienced packing for vacation, wishing that you had packed a few important gems? Yeah? Well that was me recently. Over the course of the Summer, I have been traveling to different places.… View Full Post View Post